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Service Area

Servicing Northern Colorado Front Range 

We provide mobile aircraft detailing services to the following airports:

BDU - Boulder Municipal - Boulder, CO

BJC - Rocky Mountain Metro - Boulder, CO

EIK - Erie Municipal - Erie, CO

FNL - Northern Colorado Regional - Fort Collins/Loveland, CO

GXY - Greeley-Weld County - Greeley, CO

LMO - Vance Brand - Longmont, CO

Why Us?

Bright Flight?

Our best practices include the use of industry leading materials which are proven to be safe for your aircraft. Your satisfaction is our focus when providing a level of clean and protection beyond what most FBO's offer. We are keenly interested in helping to protect your investment from corrosion, paint oxidation, fallout contamination as well as thermal-oxidative degradation of rubber and the normal day to day use that pushes materials to their limits by providing the services below.  


Services Include:

Quick Turn Cleaning

by appointment

(minimum 2 hour notice)

With advanced notice, we will meet you upon arrival to get you ready to re-board. Depending on allowable time, we can be as thorough as you require: Bug removal from leading edges, clean windscreen and windows, clean landing gear, vacuum and wipe down interior, etc.

Dry Wash

Thorough exterior & interior cleaning including:

QThe belly - oil, hydraulic fluid and soot removal

QBug removal   

QLanding Gear   

QWindow cleaning

QComplimentary vacuuming and wipe down of the interior 


While waxing is recommended every 3 months, an industry wide break from traditional waxing is being made for a much more PERMANENT solution for corrosion and paint protection; ceramic coatings! (read more about this under Ceramic Coatings below)


De-ice Boots

Paint Polishing

Ceramic Coating

Brightwork polishing of bare metal leading edges, spinner, engine inlets and RT's for a showroom appearance.

Strip off old sealant and apply new sealant for 6 month* protection. 

* (depending on maintenance procedures)

Paint oxidation and minor scratch removal by means of "swirl free" dual action polishing machines in a single step. Depending on paint thickness, multi-step wet sanding and/or compounding can remove nearly all scratches for a super glossy finish.

After polishing the paint, consider attaining that high gloss,"wet" look...PERMANANTLY!  Exposure to oxygen is what makes a paint job fail. Imagine though, dipping your aircraft in glass without adding any significant weight to it. A fraction of the weight of clear coat (about 2.2 lbs. for a Gulfstream 650) and 3 times the hardness, nano ceramic coatings create a glass shield of silica dioxide and titanium dioxide that doesn't just sit on the paint but rather bonds with it, giving your aircraft superior protection from corrosion, contaminants and even scratching. Ceramic coatings are aviation approved so ditch the wax and step into the 21st century!

Leather Cleaning/Restoration/Protection

Over time, leather becomes almost imperceptibly soiled. Most leather needs a good scrubbing after only a year of wear. After deep cleaning, either a traditional leather conditioner can be applied or a flexible nano ceramic coating for longer lasting and superior stain protection. Damaged leather (cracks, holes, tears, worn off dye) can be repaired, restoring seats to almost new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Windsreen Scratch Removal

Airplane and rotorcraft acrylic windscreens and windows are often cleaned improperly, resulting in minor swirls to major scratches. Besides being annoying, they can severely impair critical vision. Multi-step wet sanding and polishing is a great alternative to replacement. It's surprisingly affordable and can be performed on exterior and/or interior surfaces. Call for an estimate today!


Why all the FUSS?

Cleaning/detailing is a part of aircraft maintenance that is often underestimated and overlooked. It's not simply about looks however. For instance, brightwork is so critical to airframe maintenance, that Gulfstream's 20 year warranty can be voided if the brightwork is not professionally polished EVERY FOUR MONTHS! While not everyone owns a Gulfstream, it's obvious that aircraft manufacturers take seriously the role of a frequent cleaning regimen. The lingering question then is, "Why shouldn't I, also?" We are here to help with that, sometimes, daunting task.

...Passenger Confidence

How would you feel if a limousine you hired for the day arrived dirty? As the chauffeur opens the door for you, he gets oil on his hand then promptly wipes it on his dress pants. How impressed with this car hire service would you be? How likely are you to hire them again? 

It's a proven fact that passenger confidence is directly linked to the cleanliness of the vehicle a passenger chooses to ride in. While air travel is by far safer than travel by automobile, aircraft are more stringently graded by the passenger as safe or not safe by the standard of clean the operator employs. The underlying psychological rationale is that "a clean aircraft is a well maintained and safe aircraft." 




Fort Collins, CO

Need assistance? It’s important that you have the knowledge and understanding you need to make an informed decision, so let us know if we can help you further.

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